CobaltSea’s partnership with Nobel Prize winning research team navigates our investment strategies providing an ideal foundation empowering families to invest wisely.

Our evidence-based investment philosophy is founded in financial academic science capturing global market returns across multiple asset classes, expertly managed for risk, taxes and other critical focal points. CobaltSea’s philosophical core is in conjunction with our deep understanding of principled solutions, customized portfolios, and shaped by your desire for positive impact.

Long-Term Investment Horizon

A long-term investment horizon is a key factor of managing risk. Empirical support of historical data provides evidence that capital markets provide an attractive equity risk premium. This outlook greatly increases our clients’ ability to adhere to long-term investment plans which serve as compass to guide investors toward their financial goals.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is a central means to implementing the broader plan. Academic research indicates that asset allocation decisions, as opposed to costly market timing and security selection efforts are the predominant determinants of risk-based returns.

Global Diversification

Adding global asset class diversification to a portfolio in strategic combinations enhances expected returns while simultaneously reducing overall portfolio risk.


Periodic portfolio rebalancing among assets classes is an integral part of managing portfolio risks and establishing a buy-low, sell-high discipline.

Tax Sensitive

We use a comprehensive tax management approach to maximize after-tax returns, minimize capital gain recognition by taking advantage of market dislocation. Simultaneously, we harvest losses for future tax benefits while minimizing transaction costs.

Principled Solutions

We believe strongly in the theory of efficient markets and the importance of understanding and managing risk in designing portfolios. After analyzing your current holdings, we evaluate and identify best-in-class asset allocation solutions that are aligned with your family’s principles.

Customized Portfolios

Our integrated approach to wealth management helps you and your family understand, build and sustain wealth. We customize portfolios reflecting the specific needs, perspectives, and legacy objectives of each family.

Positive Impact

From the highest level of thought leadership, we provide actionable solutions that leverage your family’s cultural strengths. We provide a variety of portfolio scenarios to shape, enable, and positively impact your family interests.

Shape Positive Impact